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Who I like to work with

October 15, 2014|CEO Talks

By Sheng Fu, CEO of Cheetah Mobile

Over the past three years, we have survived the challenging Internet marketplace in China, have stepped onto a new stage of being a public U.S. company and have been lucky to receive so many great opportunities. With this foundation in place, we are kicking off a new adventure, continuing to build Cheetah Mobile to be an outstanding and visionary company. By making products that move us as a company, we hope to move the world.

Going public and expanding our business are not our only motivations here. To take Cheetah Mobile to the next level, I know we need to support our employees and offer them a culture and community where they can thrive. I hope this company is a dream employer, a platform for employees to explore their own passions and dreams. Giving this gift to our employees will lead to our success.

With our employees leading the way to our success, many people ask me what qualities we look for in an employee. There are three beliefs that we look for to ensure a person is a good fit for our company and can help us reach our goals.

Believe in dreams

Regardless how much money a man makes, I believe the most precious thing they have is time. Where a person choses to invest their time, shapes their future and makes them who they really matters. The same goes for a company, we choose invest our energy and time into our people and they shape our future and dreams.

Jun Lei, co-founder and CEO of XiaoMi, once told me, “take everyone to that place they haven’t dreamt of.” This saying really resonates with me as we work to take our company and our employees beyond our dreams.

I hope to attract talented individuals that have dreams of their own, curiosities and passions for the world. Because every person has their own vision can bring inspiration to the team, move the people around them and, eventually, transform the trajectory of the company. These dreamers and transformers are a valuable asset to any company.

I believe we already have such dreamers and without them, we could not achieve certain goals. For example, in August, our mobile downloads exceeded our main competitors’, and we made great progresses in international markets. I know this is because of the hard work of our people who are believers in dreams.

By ensuring our company is growing and developing at a fast pace we can better help employees achieve their dreams, and I invite other believers who dream big to join me.

Believe in simplicity

Simplicity is something that we value. Where past generations have struggled with a more complicated old-world way of thinking, this new generation has a simpler way of thinking, thanks to the Internet age.

We appreciate people who don’t let irrelevant details bring them down, who can move quickly and simply to solve a problem. A person who can articulate simplicity is capable of making big things happen. The Internet and technology have connected us all and have created a culture of likeminded people.

Bringing these people together, who have the same vision and appreciation for simplicity helps us create a better product that is easy for people to use. For example, we recently launched Clean Master for PC, which has a clean and simple design. While the technology behind it is complex, the simple design sets it apart and generate more engagements from users.

Consumers are looking for simplified products. I personally think that people with a worldview and appreciation of simplicity can create superior products that express beauty, conciseness and ease of use.

Believe in changes

We welcome those who can positively embrace change and those who are willing to be flexible. We look for people who can put the past behind and focus on the power of the future.

Over the years I have met many different types of people, some are strong and though, others are less stable. The difference in these people is their ability to accept change or even actively look for change. Having faith in change is a good thing, and we look for individuals who can embrace this, be flexible and look for improvements.

We also look for those who are not intimidated by challenges that arise when making changes. These challenges are a sign of improvement, a guiding light that you are heading into a new world.

Struggling to accept change or not doing so is a big mistake that happens often. Once a decision has been made, don’t doubt it, trust your instincts and go for it. Keep in mind that being open to changes and being flexible makes you unique and stand out, just like a purple cow that shines the world.

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