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Sing Better with Vocal Tuner X Piano Tiles

March 31, 2016|Press Release,Product

Piano Tiles 2 has been such a huge success in the mobile game space that Cheetah Mobile has now decided to take its musical skills to the next level with a dedicated wearable which will improve people’s ability to sing—while Piano Tiles 2 improves your rhythm ability.

Vocal Tuner X Piano Tiles is a small, necklace-like device that straps around your vocal cords and will be able to assist millions of future stars overcome Amusia and improve their natural ability in the quickest possible way. The last thing the world needs is more “song murders,” killing music with their tone deafness.

It’s almost unbelievable the progress some people have made while wearing Vocal Tuner. Check out the new product video to see for yourself.

The science behind Vocal Tuner is just out of reach from being explained in a few words or reasonable terms, but needless to say, this revolutionary technology is the stuff of science fiction.

We know a lot of people will be eagerly anticipating Vocal Tuner so we’re working on making it available as soon as humanly possible. While you wait, be sure to download Piano Tiles 2 and brush up on your piano playing skills.