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Top Of Your Game: Video Games Are Tools For Stimulating Emotion

July 1, 2015|CM Voice

Video games are among the most popular things we can play with on our mobile devices. Mobile games dominate the top 10 paid app charts on Google Play, and the Apple App Store as the top grossing apps. Mobile gaming is booming. According to the Independent Gaming News, mobile gaming should earn $22.3 billion in 2015, with $7.9 billion coming from social gaming. A recent report from SuperData Research suggests up to a quarter of all Smartphone and iPad apps are games. But what makes a mobile game really fun?

The key to the next generation of really fun mobile games is to make them social. Mobile games with asynchronous social play will become a success because we can interact with our friends or people in the real world, and we don’t have to be in the same place or play at the same time.

Social connection – also known, as “people fun” is one of the main reasons why we play any kind of game. Games have always been an excuse to hang out with our friends. Mobile games give us an opportunity to have that experience in short micro-sessions, wherever we happen to be. The next step in making mobile games even more fun is to increase all players’ ability to check in, catch up, and interact with one another via games.

The big part of “people fun,” is social grooming, such as pressing the “like” button on a friend’s Facebook status. Such “like” mechanisms could help make mobile games more social, like shouting, “Well done!” when a friend scores a goal in a real-world game. The next stage in mobile games is to make the games really social. There could be games where you get to “like” not just who your friends are, but the actions they take. In the next few years, mobile games will get even more interesting and fun through deeper integration with social networks, where players collaborate to accomplish things. This would go beyond the interactive elements favored by consumers today.

New games such as Piano Tiles 2 by Cheetah Mobile gives us an opportunity to do silly things in front of our friends. Such behavior promotes social bonding. It helps people feel closer. It also helps you learn more about your friends, and such play builds trust through interaction.

The new generation of mobile games can also optimize location awareness and photo/video features to integrate real world actions. Such future games could track and announce not only which actions the gamer took, but where you did them and provide visual evidence. This would blur the distinction between games and real life in interesting ways.

The world of video games is changing fast. In the not too distant future, gamers could collaborate to clean up parks, protect a watershed, drive less or contribute to a cause in real time. Mobile video games are booming in part because they take less effort and commitment to play than console games. As the new era of mobile video games brings forward new technologies for social collaboration and reconnection, we can look forward to becoming more social with friends for quick addictive fun.

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