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Take Action To Protect One Of The Most Important Species On The Planet

July 15, 2015|CM Voice

Saving the cheetah is at the very heart of what we believe in at Cheetah Mobile. One hundred years ago, the wild cheetah population was 100,000. Today, it’s less than 10,000. We have made it part of our mission to find solutions to this problem. We have recently joined hands with the Cheetah Conservation Fund to make a difference for the cheetah in reversing its course towards extinction.

Winning the race against extinction isn’t easy. We feel it is our corporate and social responsibility to work with Dr. Laurie Marker – the founder of the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia – to use scientific research and community action to reduce the threats to the cheetah and its entire ecosystem. The agenda for our focus is to foster a simplified, persistent top-level awareness to a cause that focuses on the relationships between the cheetah, governments, habitats and people.


Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) is most associated with the protection of this iconic big cat. CCF is doing a lot to ensure the long-term survival wild cheetah population, but its programs extend well beyond the animal itself. The CCF studies the genetics and relatedness of the population, the incidence of disease, stress hormone levels, and the reproductive health, and it is also in collaboration with Namibian farmers to better understand traditional farming techniques, shift perceptions and improve livelihoods.

One of the main threats to cheetah survival is loss of its natural habitat. To combat this problem, CCF has earned a lot of praise for its habitat restoration program that is ecologically and economically viable, supports the protection of all wildlife and enhances the livelihood of rural residents in the ecosystem. However, CCF can’t do all this hard work alone. They are looking to increase awareness for this critical cause. They are also looking for partners to join the mission and to raise donations to help restore cheetah habitat. We need your help to get the word out and to save the cheetah.


Protecting the world’s fastest animal is part of our mission at Cheetah Mobile. We are a company that has been greatly inspired by the cheetah. We are trying to do our part to raise awareness. From July to September, we are sponsoring a video billboard in Times Square, New York to broadcast the message to people of the world. We need your help to raise awareness and your help to drive funding for that mission.

Your help is also needed to share the lives and stories of the world’s fastest animal through your social networks. We want to enable our communities around the world to participate in cheetah conservation and to get closer to CCF’s work, and the animals we are helping to protect.

CTA: Make a difference. Together we can give help to save the cheetah and their habitat. Learn more about  #SaveTheCheetah Campaign at

#SaveTheCheetah Ad in Times Square, New York

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