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Join Us, Save The Cheetah

July 15, 2015|CEO Talks

When I first learned there are less than 10,000 wild cheetahs left in the world, I was shocked. My first reaction was to wonder – how could we help prevent this amazing animal from extinction?

In April 2015, our team first reached out to Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) based in Namibia, the longest running cheetah conservation program in existence. We tapped into this partnership not only because of the obvious connection between the names of both our organizations, but also because of the inspiration Cheetah Mobile gets from this animal: cheetahs are in a survival race, protecting themselves with their speed and agility. The animal represents the spirit of our company, and we share the responsibility to make sure that future generations will be just as inspired by the wild cheetah.

Dr. Laurie Marker founded CCF in 1990. In Namibia, Dr. Marker set up and operates the only fully-capable genetics lab located at a conservation site in Africa. She created a set of integrated programs that together address the threats both to the cheetah and its entire ecosystem, including the human population. Dr. Marker believes the key to protecting the cheetah lies in a holistic approach to conservation that seeks balance between the needs of humans, wildlife and the environment.

So far, the organization has rescued and rehabilitated more than 900 cheetahs, with half of them being placed back into their natural habitat, and CCF’s human-wildlife conflict mitigation and habitat restoration programs are credited with saving hundreds more.

Starting from July 15 through the end of September, Cheetah Mobile and CCF are running a Public Service Announcement in Times Square, New York City, to kick off our joint #SaveTheCheetah campaign. We’re also leveraging our millions of Facebook fans and our tremendous reach worldwide to help CCF raise awareness for this species, which has become Africa’s most endangered big cat.

We’re CCF’s first corporate partner, and we’re looking forward to a long and effective relationship with the organization. This is just the very first step as we help raise awareness for the plight of the cheetah. We also want to appeal to our users and other companies to join forces with us.

Together, we can help secure a bright future for the cheetah and the communities that live alongside this remarkable creature.

Photo by Peter Scheufler/CCF
Photo by Peter Scheufler/CCF

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