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Gadgets and Gear: Neo Smart Pen N2

October 21, 2015|CM Voice


Gadgets and gear highlights some of the rad new technology we think you should know about. This time is the Neo smart pen N2.

What it is?

The N2 smart pen is a way to use a traditional pen and paper to take notes or draw, but have that content appear digitally simultaneously on your phone or tablet.

The N2 smart pen has a tiny camera inside the pen which tracks its movement, then sends that data to your device over a Bluetooth connection. Special markings on the paper from the company help the camera recognize what the pen is writing—which shows up in real-time inside the app.

Why it’s cool

The Neo N2 smart pen blends digital and analog in a neat way. Having all your notes on your phone or tablet might make the most sense, but using a stylus to take notes digitally still isn’t ideal.

Tracking a traditional ink pen’s movements on paper works surprisingly well and is about the easiest way to get handwritten notes in digital form.


  • Tag notes for easy search
  • Convert written words to text
  • Auto-sync notes in Evernote and Google Drive
  • Multiple sharing options
  • Record voice notes

Price and Availability

The Neo N2 is available now for $169 and comes in either black or white. Notebooks start at $14.90, for a 5-pack.




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