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Make DIY Themes, Earn Money

September 20, 2017|Product



Make DIY Themes, Earn Money!

We are CM Designer team and we noticed your skillful ability to make DIY themes. Congratulations! Now your theme is among our top themes, and we want to give you an opportunity to join us as a regular theme designer and GET PAID!

How to design themes?

Design icons and wallpaper, upload to our platform and submit to automatically create the theme package! Easy.

1. Sign up in our designer platform (Please use PC Chrome to open)

After Signup, share your platform nickname with our team to get access to EASY DIY DESIGN tools. (

2. Click START to select your design categoryEach design category requires different type of elements.

All design guidelines are given for each design type. Contact our team for further help

( for more information)

3. Submit one complete theme in any category.

4.  After signing the contract, you are officially a contracted freelance designer in our designer platform.

5. Continue making themes in our platform, and get paid monthly for the installs. (Please refer to the online contract for payment details)

How CM Team can help you?

Our team will be assisting you through out to find popular topics and give design feedbacks to get more and more installs for your themes.

Help you to reach the TOP of designer list, inspire 500million users!

We also have EASY DIY DESIGN tools for you to make your creative themes.

How to get paid?

We will publish & promote your themes on Google Play and you will get a commission from app installs (Please find the payment details on our designer platform online contract). In general, our part-time Designers makes no less than $3000 on average every month.

Interested? Please contact our team to join us.


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