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Engineered For Speed: WhatsApp, Line, And WeChat Are Designed To Enhance Our Lives

July 9, 2015|Product

Clean Master - Space Manager

Remember the early days of instant messaging when you had to sit in the basement of your home and type messages into a clunky computer? The world of messaging has evolved a lot from its early origins into a vehicle for real-time interpersonal communications. Today, the advantage of messaging is speed. Messaging has become the source for instant communication in both enterprising companies and in our personal lives across any mobile device.

We can define instant messaging as a real-time communications medium allowing people to converse with each other or in groups by sending text messages, images, videos, sound messages, emoticons, and even compete in mobile games. This has come a long way from the first messaging concepts that were developed in the 1970s to allow people to send messages from computers on the same network, typically to people based in the same building. In comparison, our ability to chat using mobile devices today is nearly taken for granted.

As we spend more time away from the office, we need messaging tools such as WhatsApp, Line and WeChat – these apps are central to our lives for expressing ourselves in ways we never thought possible. They let us express a wider range of emotions to family, friends and work colleagues. Each offers a full range of stickers, video and photo sharing along with voice abilities to help us communicate and connect wherever and whenever we want.

With all good things, however, there is some bad. A ton of junk files build up on our phones from using these apps. For example, when we share photos, stickers and audio messages all leave behind vast amount of junk files – slowing down our phones.


IM Cleaner2

How do we get rid of all the junk files on our phones from these apps? The answer is Clean Master’s Space Manager which gives us the freedom to select which files we want to delete. Space Manager is easy to use. Simply open Clean Master on the phone, click tools, and then tap Space Manager. Once here, select which messaging app you want to remove files from. It’s that easy.

Messaging has come a long way. WhatsApp, Line and WeChat have seen astronomical success helping people enhance communications. In order to express ourselves with family, friends or work colleagues we can now use stickers, videos, audio, photos and various multimedia graphics as an instant message. These apps do generate a lot of junk files. Thankfully, Space Manager on Clean Master has several categories for removing specific junk files for each of these apps.

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