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Thanks to everyone who helped make Connect 2016 a big hit

January 20, 2016|Press Release


The future is forged by people coming together and ideas being shared. This was the goal of Connect 2016, a one-day conference hosted by Cheetah Mobile, which took place in San Francisco on January 14th.

We’re thrilled to have brought almost a thousand people together to share ideas, and build closer relationships.

With Cheetah Mobile CEO Sheng Fu, former Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore, Oxford Professor and author of “Big Data” Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, and many more speakers with global perspectives, Connect 2016 thrived in bringing bright minds from the U.S. and Asia in front of an eager audience.

Cheetah Mobile has a unique opportunity to be a bridge across the Pacific Ocean. We have more than 567 million monthly active mobile users all around the world. We’re a Chinese company by birth, but with 74% of our users outside China, we understand the dynamics of playing on a global stage. One thing that’s very important to us is continuing to find meaningful ways to help companies of all sizes succeed inside and outside one of the largest markets—China.


Sheng Fu kicked off the conference by explaining how China is not just a powerhouse of manufacturing, but also leading in technological advancements, specifically relating to mobile. Al Gore followed by speaking about the value of everyone in the world connecting together, creating a global mind.



“We are now connected in ways that we couldn’t have imagined would be possible in the past,” Gore said. “So, the world is changing very, very dramatically, and the mobile Internet is the most rapidly advancing part of this overall development, and it is also promoting even more entrepreneurship and innovation as all of you are very well aware. I think that it’s really important to promote more cooperation between China and the United States in this mobile Internet age.”

Beyond the themes of cross-Pacific collaboration and Big Data, Connect 2016 also focused on startups. As attendees entered the hall from the registration area, they were greeted with several startups sharing their innovative ideas. In the same area were also booths for Carnegie Mellon University and Cheetah Conservation Fund. There was something for everyone.

Every new device that’s born into the world is now one of connection. This connection is accelerating innovation, it’s shrinking the globe, and making cultural differences less of a barrier to cooperation than ever before. Connect 2016 brought the right people together to discuss this, and we had plenty of fun together.

We hope you’ll join us next year for another special experience.

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