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Cheetah Mobile is hosting a global-focused mobile conference

December 18, 2015|Press Release


We’re at an interesting point in history where mobile is in the process of taking over every industry–being incorporated into every area of our daily lives. The tipping point has likely come, but when someone talks about industry topics like Big Data’s relationship to this new mobile world, what does that actually mean?

This question, and ones like it, is the reason for Connect: Cross-Pacific Mobile Internet Conference. Only very recently has a three-person startup been able to go from neat idea, to instant global success, but it already feels like the norm. The Connect conference, coming January 14th, will dive into how mobile is rapidly transforming our technology-based world. The goal is to tackle the topics which are on everyone in the technology industry’s mind.

Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is Professor at Oxford Internet Institute and author of the book Big Data. He’ll be one of the speakers to break down exactly how this vague term, big data, actually impacts everyone on a daily basis, and what that looks like in practical terms.

Another guest, Lotus Chen, is the CTO of Asus and has the experience working at Google during Android’s early days. He’s worked across cultures and understands the nuances and challenges it brings. Chen will be able to share some valuable information based on personal knowledge.

The amount of talent slated to appear at Connect is astounding. Companies like Yahoo, Expedia, Yandex, 500 Startups, Asus, Taiwan Startup Stadium, and Cheetah Mobile, will be represented. Educational institutions like Oxford and Carnegie Mellon University will also be present.

Cheetah Mobile is excited to be one of the hosts for this first Connect event, bringing people with vast experience around mobile search, native ads and monetization, big data, hardware, and more, all together.

This world is continually getting smaller thanks to tiny new devices. But, mobile isn’t just a single device in your pocket. It’s a lifestyle and new way of looking at technology. Mobile is giving people a new sense of freedom to roam the globe like never before.

We hope you’ll join us for this global-focused mobile conference and kick off 2016 in style.

Tickets are currently available at an early bird price.

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