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Help a teenager find his phone and win a new phone of your own!

January 22, 2016|Product

Interested in getting a brand new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge for free? Read the story below! 


Earlier this month, the Fox Denver local TV station reported on a lost phone incident: a teenager in Denver, Colorado lost his phone, while out walking the family dog.

The middle school boy only realized his phone was gone when he got back. When he and his mom retraced his steps, the phone was nowhere to be seen (by the way, we love her hairstyle).


Fortunately, the boy remembered that he had downloaded a free app on his phone, Cheetah Mobile’s CM Locker, which takes a picture from the front-facing camera when someone enters the wrong passcode. Soon enough, the boy received an email with a strange man’s face and his mom tried to get the phone back by sharing the pictures of the man on Facebook.


If you have CM Locker’s Intruder Selfie feature enabled, it will email you selfies of people when they try to unlock your phone.


To help the son find his phone back, Heidi Whitehead posted the snapshot of the intruder on her Facebook and tried to figure out who he is. Lots of people shared and replied to the post. To be clear, the stranger isn’t accused of a crime, but the family wants to find him to ask what happened to the phone. (




Soon after, a number of media outlets covered the story, and lots of people asked about the name and details of this app.


CM Locker is an Android locker app that can also help users locate their phones. Here are some reviews on Google Play:

fox-cmlocker10Catching thieves, random people, and even husbands…


We know how painful it is to lose a new phone. Cheetah Mobile and the CM Locker team would like to give a reward to the first person who provides an accurate tip to help this teenager find his own phone, within the next 7 days from the day this post is published. We’ll give away a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone to the helpful tipster if the phone is recovered within the period. If no one can provide a successful lead by then, Cheetah Mobile will offer the phone to the teen as a compensation for his loss.


Please forward any information you have about this man to or leave a comment here.

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