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Scream out loud! Your apps are ready to rock Halloween!

October 29, 2015|CM Voice

Smartphone apps have dressed up well for Halloween.

Clean Master has become The White Robe Wizard to completely protect your phone.


WeChat – The Owl Messenger


WeChat is disguised as the Owl Messenger:

The Owl Messenger shuttles back and forth in the world of giant coral trees.

It is cheerful and enthusiastic. It can communicate with all the plants and animals,

but everywhere it goes it leaves feathers on the ground.

Clean Master, The White Robe Wizard, can easily clean up all the feathers!


Weibo – The One-eyed Gopher


Weibo turns into an One-eyed Gopher:

The One-eyed Gopher has a hemispherical head and a mysterious lower body buried in the soil.

By sensing underground vibrations, it can snoop on gossip from every corner of the spirit world.

Clean Master, The White Robe Wizard, can easily clean up all the soil!


Google – The Octopus Prophet


Google dresses up as an Octopus Prophet:

The truth behind all mysteries is locked away by evil spirits.

The Octopus Prophet has the power to unlock the seal and spread knowledge of any subject.

But sometimes it also needs Clean Master The White Robe Wizard.

The White Robe Wizard can easily clean up all the leftovers from The Octopus Prophet’s feasts!


Uber – Unicorn


Uber evolves into an Unicorn:

The Unicorn can move around and between the spirit worlds at will.

With Clean Master, The White Robe Wizard’s help for cleaning, it can poop freely when it’s shuttling around.


Youtube – The Crystal Elf


Youtube transforms into a Crystal Elf:

The Crystal Elf has a shiny body that can glow eternally.

Its magical light can create any view you would like to see.

It also needs Clean Master, The White Robe Wizard’s help to clean up the dust on its body.


Taobao – The Dwarf


Taobao evolves into a Dwarf:

The Dwarf has a tiny body but a bold and uninhibited charater.

It values gold, gems, jewelry, and works of art from master craftsmen.

Clean Master, The White Robe Wizard, can easily clean up all the waste materials for the artwork.



Clean Master, The White Robe Wizard, together with all the apps wishes you a happy Halloween!





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