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Clean Master Loves Music

August 20, 2015|CM Voice


Clean Master helps secure your phone and make it run quicker, but it can also improve the music listening experience. Here’s two ways the app can help, plus a playlist of new music at the bottom.

Clean out unused files and make more room for your downloaded music

Music downloaded from Google Play, ripped from CDs, or found from other sources, still needs space on your phone, just like photos and videos. Running Clean Master regularly can remove random junk files and save space for your songs without requiring you to delete other valuable data.

Clean Master is aware of the streaming world too

Maybe you’ve moved-on from buying individual albums or songs and now stream all your music from Spotify–or another music service. With Clean Master you can specifically target music data taking up room on your phone and get rid of it.

What music data? Well, Spotify leaves bits of data behind with each listen that can be cleaned up later. Also, if you’re downloading songs in Spotify for offline listening, Clean Master can remove these songs later, even easier than you can within the Spotify app itself.

Hint: look under “Advanced Cleaning” in the “Junk Files” section.


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