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Cheetah Mobile partners with Carnegie Mellon University

September 17, 2015|Press Release

Cheetah Mobile puts a high emphasis on the importance of real-world education. It’s how we’ve been able to move fast and stay on the cutting edge of the mobile industry. Today we’re announcing our first partnership with Carnegie Mellon University’s Information Networking Institute (INI).


It’s been a goal of ours to tap into the young talent from the most prestigious schools, those which are aggressively pursuing the mobile industry’s most complex problems.

In the case of our partnership with CMU INI, we’re asking the students to take a look at mobile advertising as it continues to transition from the mobile web to more native solutions. You can find more specifics in our press release.


Our desire is that every mobile app developer with a great idea should have the means to monetize and support the software they work hard to create. This is just the first step, however, and we’re excited to see where it leads.



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