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Cheetah Mobile Announces Global Tour for Its Ad Platform, Bringing Top-Notch Mobile Advertising Technology to India

August 27, 2015|Press Release

The largest utility applications publisher will unveil Cheetah Ad Platform at GMIC Bangalore on September 10

Taipei, August 27, 2015 – Cheetah Mobile (NYSE: CMCM), the leading developer of mission-critical mobile utility applications, today announced its mobile advertising strategy in India. According to Cheetah Mobile database, which is aggregated from 1,596 million users worldwide, India has the highest app usage among all the Asian countries; India’s daily mobile app usage is 18.84 apps per day, which surpasses the average usage in Asia (16.35 apps per day.) In light of the booming mobile Internet economic in India, Cheetah Mobile will officially enter the Indian market in September, unveiling Cheetah Ad Platform at this year’s GMIC Bangalore.

As the largest utility applications publisher, Cheetah Mobile’s global mobile user installations have reached 1,596 million in June, 2015. Among its 494 million mobile monthly active users (“Mobile MAUs”), 9% is from India. With its massive user base, Cheetah Ad Platform aims to help advertisers in India optimize and maximize their spending on mobile advertising. Cheetah Ad Platform currently has over 500 clients globally, including Flipkart, Uber, Amazon, and Additionally, Cheetah Mobile has formed partnerships with global Internet giants like Facebook, Google, and Tencent, which further enhances the company’s mobile and global monetization capabilities.

Cheetah AdPlatform, Cheetah Mobile

“Our goal is to become one of the best global mobile advertising platform, and we see India as the market with really great potential for mobile advertising. In addition to recruiting the best talents in mobile advertising, we will keep working on improving our data analytic capabilities. With our top-notch mobile advertising technology, we aspire to help our clients in India grow their business and thrive in the mobile eco-system.” said Sheng Fu, CEO at Cheetah Mobile.

Cheetah Ad Platform provides customized services ranging from strategic targeting, marketing, to technical support. Additionally, the platform provides daily reporting and results analysis to clients. Within the next three months, the company will host global tour in various countries, including India, United States, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Taiwan, Russia, and Brazil.

Cheetah Mobile opened its first India office in Delhi back in June, and has already started collaborating with the top three mobile phone brands in India. The company has been actively hiring local talents for its international business development team, hoping to further expand partnership with local OEMs and carriers. In addition to the Delhi office, Cheetah Mobile will be looking for hiring talents in Bangalore. The ultimate goal is to expend Cheetah Mobile’s presence in India and ultimately turn the Indian offices into an important hub in Asia.

Cheetah AdPlatform, Cheetah Mobile

About Cheetah Mobile Inc.

Cheetah Mobile is a leading mobile Internet company with approximately 494 million mobile monthly active users as of June 2015. Its mission critical applications, including Clean Master, CM Security, Battery Doctor and Photo Grid, help make the Internet and mobile experience speedier, simpler, and safer for users worldwide. Cheetah Mobile is the publisher of Clean Master, the #1 app in the Google Play Tools category worldwide by monthly downloads as of March 2015, according to App Annie.

The Company also provides various platform products such as, Cheetah browser, game centers, and mobile app stores to provide multiple user traffic entry points and global content distribution channels for its business partners. More information about Cheetah Mobile is available at




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