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September 7, 2016|CM Voice

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about an addictive side-scrolling mobile action adventure that is full of wonder, beauty and strangely imaginative obstacles? If it’s the multi-award-winning BADLAND, you are in for a treat!

We know how much you have been looking forward to the sequel. Since the end of last year, when BADLAND 2 was first unveiled on iOS, the epic sequel has been one of the most awaited mobile games for the Android users. Now, Cheetah Mobile has made the expectation a reality by officially launching BADLAND 2 on Android! This game keeps everything you loved about the first BADLAND and steps it up to the next level with even more stunning graphics, awesome new features and more engaging gameplay. And it’s now available for FREE on the Google Play Store!

So, why will you enjoy BADLAND 2 even more?

Play with new possibilities

In BADLAND 2, players are thrown into Jungle, Frozen, Inferno, and Infinity, which are different periods of time within the BADLAND world. You are still able to clone your character, change its size, and manipulate its speed. This time you also get to transform into a rolling ball and survive many new elements such as liquids, flames, frost, magma and also AI characters. One of the key differences from the first BADLAND is that the sequel allows you to fly & scroll into all four directions for a more explorative, immersive and adventurous gaming experience.

Play without limits

Cheetah Mobile is committed to provide the best gaming experience with more fun and fewer restrictions. There is no energy bar or in-game currency in BADLAND 2; And unlike the iOS version, BADLAND 2 for Android comes free of charge, so that everyone gets a chance to enjoy this mind-blowing game. A few in-app purchases are also available at your choice for an even more immersive experience: With $3.99 you can unlock the premium version, get access to all levels and remove ads from the game, similar to the unlock IAP in the first BADLAND.

Play to support innovation

The core value of Cheetah Mobile is not only to provide the best free user experience, but also to support innovation and offer more resources for genius game developers and entrepreneurs. The cooperation with Frogmind on the BADLAND 2 Android version is the embodiment of that spirit.

Also, we believe that a good game should be available to everyone even if they are not able to pay. Yes, there will be some ads in the game. However, ads help us pay some basic costs of running the game, and support our creative minds to make more cool games! This is the beauty of the freemium model that we believe in.

Download the game now and dive into the magic world of BADLAND 2 for a unique audiovisual gaming experience, more crazy-imaginative challenges, and ultimate fun!

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