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Apply Speed To Your Largest Photos, Videos, And Large Files: Connect Digitally & Socially With CM Transfer

July 1, 2015|Product

Smartphones entice us to snap, snap, snap without abandon. Smartphone cameras make it easy to capture all the drama in low light and can zoom into all the action. Smartphones make it easier to tell stories. The details are crisp and the backgrounds are soft, so your eyes know where to look. It’s not surprising that creative smartphone owners want a fast and convenient way to share photos, videos and large files in the highest resolution with one another.

Creative people need creative solutions

From attorneys to architects and photographers to video producers, CM Transfer is how creative professionals across industries share their work across mobile phones. As an artist or producer or anywhere in between, CM Transfer ensures that your projects are shared quickly from your smartphone to another. Share files immediately so everyone can see the latest version or batch process a number of large files together.

How does CM Transfer actually work?

Keep creating. Keep sharing. Use your Android smartphone or tablet to access and share your large files from anywhere there’s Wi-Fi. Simply download CM Transfer from Google Play, choose files you wish to share, select where you want them to go, and share them instantly – while on the go-go-go. The receiving smartphone must also have the CM Transfer app installed to access your work. Keep creating. Keep sharing with CM Transfer. Work doesn’t have to stop because you are out of the office.

Scenes from a real life

For photographers, filmmakers, musicians, attorneys, and accountants – sharing work quickly and easily with clients, distributers and publishers is a familiar problem that is now solved. One of the key reasons for using CM Transfer is that it does not compress your files and leaves them intact in their original format. Now, you don’t have to worry about less than creative ways like FTP passwords to share your large files, and can stay focused on creating the best possible work.

Share what you create with CM Transfer

There’s no arguing that smartphones make it easier to capture a spontaneous moment. Smartphone advertisements are recently on a campaign to convince us that smartphones are the only camera we need. According to the Wall Street Journal, taking photos, making videos and playing video games are among the top three things people do with their smartphones. It is not surprising then, that CM Transfer is the smartphone accessory you must have to share what you create including large size photos, videos and work files while on the move.

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